For the UX Team of One: Research & Design –
our July 11 Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

June 20th, 2013

If you’re the only user-experience voice on your team, you’re constantly balancing your time between selling its value to your organization and improving your own design skills. In Research and Design for the UX Team of One, Leah Buley shows you an inclusive and cross-functional process to achieve both outcomes quicker, including:

  • Lead discovery and planning
  • Conducting fast UX research
  • Using a transparent design process
  • Testing designs internally before they’re “complete”

Even if you’re on a teeny—or the solo voice at your org—you can make great UX designs. Register for Leah’s seminar to hear how.

Best of all, you can make this seminar the first of 9 great UX presentations for your team with our 6 month Virtual Seminar program. And when you register by July 8, your team also gets free access to UX Immersion OnDemand. Save your spot today!

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