View Two Samples of the UXIM OnDemand Content

Sean Carmichael

June 21st, 2013

Our annual UX Immersion Mobile conference was jam-packed with insights from some of today’s UX Mobile experts. If you missed out on Seattle back in April, you can still get a piece of the experience through UXIM OnDemand. This awesome resource allows you and your team to access all the audio, video, and session materials from UXIM 2013. Here’s a sample of the talks:

Luke Wroblewski | One Design to Work Everywhere

People today are rethinking their designs to accommodate mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets—let alone new laptops and desktop computers. Each has different screen sizes, input methods, resolutions, and modes of use. But how can a company create one design to work on any device used to access the web?

Jared Spool | Experiencing Delightful Content

We bandy about the term ‘content’ as if it’s what users seek. Yet when users are frustrated we rarely hear them use that word. iOS 6 Maps users didn’t say “the content is broken” when the maps thought their home address was in a nearby river.

Our users experience content in a very different way than we do as designers, content strategists, and developers. For them, it’s all about the details of the experience. That means we need to know how to put the delight in the experience of the content.

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