Minimizing Design Risk with The Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Adam Churchill

July 22nd, 2014

If your team has been practicing some form of Agile or Scrum, it likely has a loose definition of a MVP. The question is, are you launching MVPs at the end of each sprint, or are you launching “whatever we fit into a 2-week sprint cycle?”

If your iteration planning tends to focus on timelines, feature sets, and estimates – rather than on the value to the customer of whatever you’re building – then join us on August 14.

Attend this seminar if you:

  • Want your products to get more use–and maybe spawn new products, too
  • Are tired of endless sprints that still take months or years to launch
  • Have heard of MVPs but aren’t sure how to define or build them
  • Think “pivots” apply only to Silicon Valley startups (they don’t)

It’s not too late to make this seminar part of your team’s 6 Month Program. Pay once, save your spot in all UIE Virtual seminars through the end of 2014.

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