Laying out the costs to your boss to attend the User Interface 19 Conference

Lauren Cramer

July 29th, 2014

There are likely two main pieces of information your boss needs to decide whether or not to send you to the User Interface 19 Conference (in Boston, MA October 27-29). Costs and benefits.

In this second post of our 2 part series, we’ll cover the costs. The first post covers the benefits of attending.

There’s no way around it, conferences can be expensive. You need to consider more than just the registration fee when presenting the costs to your boss.

Breakdown of costs

We summarize this information in a table at the bottom.

Registration – The current price is $1,995. But if you use the promotion code BLOGUI19 by August 15, you’ll get a $300 discount. The next price jump goes to $2,289 starting Sept. 12 (Depending on the circumstance, we’ve been known to give greater discounts. Contact us at

Hotel arrangements – We’ve secured a special group rate of $269.00/night plus tax at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel. This is the conference hotel, so by staying here, you’ll avoid daily transportation costs.

There are other hotels in the surrounding area at various prices. Explore additional options at or Be aware that hotel rooms booked on these sites may not refund you if you cancel. To keep your cost down, you’ll want to find a hotel within walking distance of the Renaissance.

Flights – Flight cost varies depending on day of week, location, and number of stops. Flying out of a major hub typically gives you more airlines, times, and non-stop options. However, non-stop flights are often more expensive.

Save yourself money by looking into flights that have a stop. If possible, look at flights that have you leaving on a Saturday. Often flights and hotels are cheaper when there’s a Saturday night stay involved. You may actually save yourself money by coming a day early, and Boston is a fun city to explore.

Do your homework and use sites like Hipmunk or Kayak to compare flights.

Transportation to and from Boston’s Logan airport – There are a number of ways to get to the hotel. Taxi will be your most expensive option being about $30 each way. The least expensive option is the T (Boston’s subway system) at $2.65 and it drops you off 1/2 block from the hotel.

Food – Your conference registration includes breakfast all three days, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack and beverage breaks, lunch on Tuesday, and a reception with food on Tuesday evening. You’re on your own for lunch on Monday and Wednesday plus all your dinners during the conference.

Expect to spend an average of $8-12 for lunch and $12-20 for dinner.

Time out of the office
This is the most difficult cost to calculate. Though there’s a cost for you being out of the office, you need to think about the costs to the company of not going to the conference. Does the current team have the skill set to complete the project? Will the conference provide you the skills needed to move a project forward with less labor? Can you finish the project sooner with these skills? As they saying goes, “be careful not to be penny wise, pound foolish.”

Summary of expenses

Here’s a chart with your average expenses. The hotel cost is for the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel.

West Coast Mid-West East Coast
Conference Fee (with promo code BLOGUI19 and sign up by 8/5) $1,695 $1,695 $1,695
Hotel Cost (3 nights and tax) $920 $920 $920
Flight (average) $500 $300 $275
T ride to and from the airport $5.30 $5.30 $5.30
Food $80 $80 $80
Total $3,200 $3,000 $2,975


Ideas to save on some expenses

There are a few ways to save some money.

1. Book your flight ASAP. The closer you get to the date of the conference, the higher the flight costs. Look for one stop options to lower the cost.

2. Be sure to take the T instead of a taxi.

3. Share a hotel room

4. Register by August 15 with the promotion code BLOGUI19 and save the $300.00.

Read part 1 Convincing your boss to send you to UI19. It covers the benefits of attending.

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