Improve Your Mobile Design Skills with Luke Wroblewski

Lauren Cramer

September 3rd, 2014

Luke Provides the Latest Mobile Insights and Design Considerations

If you’re looking for ways to update existing mobile designs and rock future ones, then listen up to what Luke Wroblewski has to share.

Why Mobile Techniques Matter

  • Conversions: define problems and optimize for the job
  • Influence: sound arguments and data that inform decision-making
  • Engagement: prioritize and help users get things done

Luke Wroblewski

As one of mobile designs leading authorities, Luke Wroblewski will change the way you approach mobile-first. He’ll share practical implementation methods at his full-day workshop, Mobile Design Essentials, on October 27 at UI19 in Boston.

There you’ll learn to:

  • Simplify interfaces without dumbing them down
  • Use different organizational techniques for navigation systems
  • Validate user inputs in-line and in-context
  • Deal with sensitive inputs and manage input masks

As someone championing mobile-design first, Luke is the person to hear from. Get ready to learn an informed, balanced approach from the best teacher in the industry.

Learn more about Luke’s workshop

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