Mapping Your Success with Objectives and Key Results, Our October 7th Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

September 30th, 2014

Objectives and Key Results is a system that causes little disruption and has a huge positive impact. OKRs were developed by Intel and adopted by Google, and are currently utilized by a growing number of successful Silicon Valley companies. It’s your turn!

In her October 7th virtual seminar, Christina Wodtke is going to teach us a technique designed to tackle and realize goals in a methodical way, leaving nothing to chance.

Attend this seminar if you want to:

  • Inspire teams with ambitious goals
  • Foster effort and continuous learning
  • Create a culture of accountability with powerful results

Can’t join us for the live virtual seminar? Get access to the recording, within a few days of the live event, when you subscribe to UIE’s All You Can Learn.

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