Mobile Research Techniques: Beyond the Basics, Our October 23rd Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

October 10th, 2014

Studying mobile use in context can be tricky. Some desktop research strategies translate easily to mobile, but if you want to capture the way people really use mobile devices, you’re gonna need a bigger toolbox.

Cyd Harrell has the insider’s scoop on how to design and execute mobile research that gets you the most usable data for your money—in the lab or out in the field. Sign up for Cyd’s seminar now.

  • Conduct mobile research in the lab
  • Do mobile research in the field
  • Deepen your research with long-term studies
  • Choose and use participants—for optimal results

Can’t join us for the live virtual seminar? Get access to the recording, within a few days of the live event, when you subscribe to UIE’s All You Can Learn.

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