Why Service Design Matters

Lauren Cramer

October 10th, 2014

Creating delightful cross-channel experiences

Service design is all about creating the best user experience regardless of the touch point. It brings all channels together – brick and mortar, call centers, and online to create a seamless, delightful experience for your customer.

Why Service Design Matters

  • Engagement: See how your customer interacts across various channels
  • Unity: Understand your customers’ experience from end-to-end for the whole organization
  • Clarity: Incorporate sketching and prototyping to improve problem areas of the journey

Marc Stickdorn

Marc Stickdorn’s innovative approach to mapping a customer’s journey through an experience—including their emotion and satisfaction along the way—is practical, low risk, and high value. He’ll teach you his methods and techniques at Service Design: Creating Delightful Cross-Channel Experiences, a full-day workshop on October 27 at UI19 in Boston.

In Marc’s workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Employ ethnographic research to design the user experience
  • Map the user’s journey to identify all of the common touch points
  • Create personas that help you understand different kinds of users
  • Expand your thinking beyond the UI and into the user’s context

Marc wrote the book This is Service Design Thinking. He’ll regale you with insightful case studies and hands-on exercises to drive home new service design techniques.

Learn more about Marc’s workshop

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