Designing Interactions Between Devices, a November 6 Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

October 22nd, 2014

Join us on November 6 when Josh Clark presents, Designing Interactions Between Devices.

There’s untapped magic in the gaps between gadgets. Businesses lose money in those gaps between gadgets, and customers lose patience. Instead, imagine moving effortlessly from device to device without interruption, throwing content from one to another, or shaking a transaction from your phone to your laptop. The technology we need to build tomorrow’s interactions is already here in our pockets, handbags, and living rooms.

  • Tear down device silos
  • Enable magical interactions between devices
  • Architect a future of smart, connected devices
  • Unlock business values with digital avatars

Step away from desktop and mobile screens and explore the ever-expanding world of off-screen digital interactions. One that sets users free from the “tyranny of the screen” and pushes the limits of what we think is possible.  Register for this seminar, where you’ll hear Josh Clark explain why “what we’re looking at is not a challenge of technology, it’s a challenge of imagination.

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