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Adam Churchill

November 3rd, 2014

Job Opening:  Front-End Web Developer

Fast Forward One Year:

Thanks for the great work you’ve done in your first year as UIE’s Front-End Web Developer. You’ve stepped-up the design of our sites to meet the expectations of our UX professional audience. The project work you’ve completed, sites you’ve launched, and improvements you’ve worked with us to implement have been a great success and are critical to our organization’s future direction and 100-year mission.

You jumped into the middle of the development for our UX Immersion 2015 site—our spring conference—without fear and brought it to completion based on the work we started. When we found unsolved challenges during the project, you constructed responsive solutions based upon existing components maintaining the site’s visual language. You communicated eloquently with all stakeholders, regardless of their technical experience or role in the company.

You saw the opportunities just waiting to be exploited with our All You Can Learn subscription video library and worked with us to build the team collaboration features. We especially appreciated how you anticipated future product changes and additions. The determination with which you adapted the entire product for use across devices—a responsive design that was no small feat—was impressive. Our customers were ecstatic to learn at their desk and on the go.

Best of all, you jumped at the chance to bring into the current decade.  Determining the new direction of our flagship site wasn’t an easy task, but you were excited explore the different possibilities with the rest of the design team, product managers, and other stakeholders. You took ideas from the sketch and whiteboard stages, and prototyped the best ones. You immediately embraced our process of evaluating and testing prototypes with users. You built a better product each time we learned, iterated, and tested again.

You’ve become a valuable contributor to our team. We’re always improving our process and working collaboratively, and you’ve fit right in.

You happily hopped from Expression Engine templates for All You Can Learn, to Statamic site builds for our event sites. Your commitment to web standards and accessibility was invaluable. You embraced and improved our established Git-powered workflows, and started in building a repository of web components with tools like Sass/SCSS. It took you no time to be comfortable around our custom-built PHP components and tastefully implemented JavaScript when appropriate. You always chose the best tool for the job without jumping at each new shiny thing on the Internet.

We’re looking forward to continuing to build great things with you.

Now Back to Today:

If you’d like this to be your story, send us your resume, links to some of your best work, and a half-page write-up of your most significant web accomplishment. While we’re less concerned with your qualifications, we won’t compromise on your ability to deliver team results. We’ll get back to you in 48 hours if you have what it takes to achieve something special.

You might even want to check out our web sites—,, and—for some insight into our current efforts. Matching all our public facing sites to our research is the key to success in this position. We think you’ll be excited by where we are today and the challenge to get us where we’re going.

You will work in our North Andover, Massachusetts offices as part of the design team. This is not a remote work, nor a contractor opportunity. Sorry, but please do not apply if you cannot work full-time on-site. We’ll provide all the resources you need to bring out the best in your talents and skills, in our flexible, family-friendly work environment.

Send your resume and write-up to:


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