Designing Content for Product Experiences, A December 11 Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

November 26th, 2014

We’re wrapping up the 2014 Virtual Seminar schedule with a presentation from Facebook’s Jonathon Colman – Designing Content for Product Experiences.

In this seminar, Jonathon Colman shares a framework he’s using at Facebook, one that anyone can use to build useful, usable content experiences for products. You’ll learn the principles of content strategy for interfaces by looking at several real-world examples. And you’ll gain the confidence you need to self-identify as a content designer, so you can act as a user advocate and have an impact with your organization or clients.

  • Create a foundation for content strategy
  • Approach content with an iterative methodology
  • Learn how to create better content experiences for interfaces
  • Build better content experiences

If you want to learn how to build better product experiences, Jonathon’s seminar is for you.

Oh, and watch our Virtual Seminars site page in early December for the 2015 schedule.

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