Navigate Product Roadmap Roadblocks, A January 8 Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

January 5th, 2015

We’re kicking off 2015 with one of our most popular presenters from last year.  Join us on January 8 when Bruce McCarthy presents Navigate Product Roadmap Roadblocks: The Dirty Dozen.  In it, he’ll explore 12 common roadmap roadblocks and their sensible solutions.

Product roadmaps steer company success and keep everyone on course. It portrays intentions, priorities, and strategic goals over time. Unfortunately, roadmaps have a tendency to become a random collection of features. They fail to tell the story that draws in stakeholders and inspires them to care. All of this leads to an uphill buy-in. 

You’ll learn:

  • Focus on benefits versus features
  • Listen for unsolved problems
  • Inspire confidence and innovation
  • Make decisions based on your strategic goals

If your progress journey has been slow and rough, join us on January 8 and get the insight you need to clear the way.

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