Watch the Videos from the Warm Gun Conference

Lauren Cramer

January 6th, 2015

The Warm Gun Conference held in December, 2014 focused on thought leaders telling stories of companies overcoming difficulties and UX experts sharing knowledge every designer needs.

Many of the talks were captured on video. Now you can watch them at your leisure. Here’s a list of the available talks.

The Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design – Maria Giudice, Facebook

Growing Your Userbase with Better Onboarding – Samuel Hulick,

Accomplish Big Goals with Objectives and Key Results – Christina Wodtke, Wodtke Consulting

Designing for Startups – Braden Kowitz, Google Ventures

Avoid Saying Yes to the Wrong Job – Amy Jackson, AmyJacksonTalent

Bringing IRL Online – Mara Zepeda, Switchboard

Product Strategy in a Growing Company – Des Traynor, Intercom

Hunches, Instincts, and Trusting Your Gut – Leah Buley, Forrester Research

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