Your boss is talking about you. See what they’re saying

Lauren Cramer

January 14th, 2015

Setting: A note from your boss
When: Sometime in the near future


What a difference you’ve made to our team. I’m super impressed with what you learned and brought back to us from the UX Immersion Mobile Conference. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ve put into action.

  • Learned the new standards for responsive images and when to use them
  • Identified problems causing sluggish performance
  • Utilized interaction design patterns to build apps that feel intuitive
  • Figured out how to strategize with the content strategy team
  • Guided the QA team on design and assessing deliverable quality
  • Avoided common desktop tricks that create poor mobile UX
  • Converted markdown to HTML and enabled testing across multiple devices
  • Improved overall communication with developers

And there’s so much more valuable input you’ve provided. I’m glad we sent you to the UXIM Mobile Conference. It was worth every penny and more!

This could be the type of praise heaped on you if join us in Salt Lake City, April 13-15. Come explore what the conference has to offer.

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