Make Design Less Complicated Regardless of the Device

Lauren Cramer

February 4th, 2015

Adaptive Designs Across Devices

Progressive Enhancement, the heart of Adaptive Design, makes the life of a design less complicated. Aaron and Jenn will show you how to create a solid core and build out to craft amazing user experiences that work regardless of devices, capabilities, or deficiencies.

Adaptive Design Allows for

  • Better experiences in all browsers
  • Consistency with your content across all screen sizes
  • Identifying which pattern library is right for you and when to create your own

In Aaron and Jenn’s workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Phase out device-focused thinking
  • Strategize with the content strategy team
  • Better inform development on implementation
  • Give form to user experiences with an interface experience map
Luke Wroblewski

If you’re trying to create a better web and you’re open to rethinking your approach to designing for any interface, then Aaron and Jenn’s full-day workshop Adaptive Designs Across Devices at the UX Immersion Mobile Conference in Salt Lake City has your name on it.

Aaron is a progressive enhancement evangelist, the founder of Easy Designs, and the author of Adaptive Web Design. Jenn is a standards-lovin’, independent, front-end developer based in Philadelphia.

Use promotion code UIEBLOG for $300 off the full conference price.

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