Use this letter to tell your boss you need to be at the 2015 UX Immersion Mobile Conference

Lauren Cramer

February 12th, 2015

So you’ve explored the UX Immersion Mobile Conference in Salt Lake City, April 13-15, 2015 and realize that attending this conference will help move your mobile initiative forward. But how do you convince your boss? Use the below letter to provide an overview of the game-changing material you’ll get from the conference.


I found a conference that I’d really like to go to that will bring us to the next stage of our mobile UX journey. The UX Immersion Mobile Conference in Salt Lake City, April 13-15, 2015 is built around two daylong workshops and a day of talks that provide intensive, game-changing material. This conference will provide clear, concrete takeaways challenging how we think about and design for mobile.

I can choose from these workshops.

Responsive Web Design – Dive deep into media queries, image optimization, and multi-device design—dispel your fears of responsive design.

Designing for Native Apps – Use interaction design patterns and ambient data to create 5-star native apps that attract, convert, and retain customers.

Mapping the User Experience – Learn where customers connect with your product or service—and map a strong understanding of your customer’s journey.

Adaptive Design – Understand how browser types, accessibility, device compatibility and responsive or adaptive design can make a design less complicated

Responsive Interfaces Using Atomic Design – A soup-to-nuts exploration of the principles and processes of establishing and using pattern libraries to create future-friendly experiences.

Responsive Workflows – A content-driven, interactive design process that boosts collaboration, reduces confusion, and delivers instant feedback.

The middle day of the conference focuses on talks from all the presenters plus to keynotes so we can get a higher level overview on topics outside of the workshops we’re attending.

Cost Analysis

Conference Fee $1,475*
Hotel Cost (3 nights and tax) $520
Flight (average) $300 -$600
T ride to and from the airport $5 – $40
Food $100
Total $2,400 – $2,735

Use the promotion code UXIMBEN by March 12 and get $350 off the current registration fee.

I realize it’s time out of the office and places our projects on hold a few days. But I’ll bring back and happily share the information we need to move at a much quicker pace on the project and save weeks in the long run.

So what do you say? Can I register? Could we send the team?

Looking forward to going to the UXIM Mobile Conference.

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