1 Day, 6 Talks, 2 Keynotes – All on Mobile Design at the UXIM Mobile Conference

Lauren Cramer

March 19th, 2015

If You Can Only Attend 1 Day – Come for the Featured Talks

Glean new ideas and insights guaranteed to shape how you think about mobile design. Where you ask? At the UX Immersion Mobile Conference in Salt Lake City, April 13-15.

Featured Talks and Keynotes

Jason GrigsbyJason Grigsby Adapting to Different Form of Input

How do we design for the plethora of dynamic inputs available to the user?

Theresa NeilTheresa Neil Rethinking Mobile Tutorials

Learn the underlying principles behind the patterns that work best when designing mobile tutorials

Chris RisdonAaron Gustafson, Jenn Lukas There Are No Buts in Progressive Enhancement

Get practical examples to help you employ a progressive enhancement philosophy.

Brad FrostBrad Frost Working with Atomic Design

A methodology for creating robust design systems—sets everyone up for success.

Chris RisdonChris Risdon Orchestrating Customer Touchpoints

See how the physical world interconnects with the digital world. Learn to design less for screens and more for holistic experiences.

Stephen HayStephen Hay Maintaining Simplicity

Look at how and why the simple turns complicated. See how an exaggerated application of progressive enhancement can help maintain simplicity.

Jen SimmonsJen Simmons Innovation and the Power of the Web

Don’t risk being left in the dust when a competitor takes a fresh approach and solves problems in a way you didn’t see coming.

Jared SpoolJared Spool Is Design Metrically Opposed

Explore the world of measures, metrics, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). See alternatives to satisfaction and net promoter score that give insight for designers.

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