10 topics that get you closer to the UX Advantage

Lauren Cramer

April 6th, 2015

UX Advantage is a new kind of conference that explores strategy differently. Through a series of interviews with design executives led by Jared Spool and Karen McGrane, you’ll hear how organizations emphasize user experience as the competitive edge in their organization. Plus you’ll hear four keynote presentations that explore UX strategy.

Interview topics include:

  • Gaining Executive Support
  • Reinventing Corporate Structure
  • Shifting to Continuous Deployment
  • Taking Advantage of Fear
  • Restructuring Incentives and Rewards
  • Government’s Design Lessons
  • Inventing the Yes Lawyer
  • Designing a Global UX
  • Experience Through Site Performance
  • The Role of Outsiders

What will you hear?

You’ll hear design leaders from PayPal, Fidelity, Marriott, Akamai, and more on how they’ve achieved a competitive edge through UX.

There are only 200 seats available for the conference.

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