Tackle these 4 topics to get the UX Advantage

Lauren Cramer

April 21st, 2015

Get Closer to Making UX Your Competitive Edge

If you’re in charge of your organization’s UX initiatives, lead a UX design team, or work as a Senior Designer, The UX Advantage conference in Baltimore June 2-3, 2015 will get you closer to understanding how UX is a competitive advantage. Here are four of the ten topics:

Gaining Executive Support

Organizational change must be top down and bottom up. Hear how UX and design leaders influence the way executives make product and technology decisions. Find out what defines true support as opposed to just lip service to a great experience.

Design leaders from PayPal, Fidelity and MasterCard share how they obtain executive support in their interviews.

Designing a Global UX

Global organizations can no longer project their corporate views of a customer experience upon a multitude of cultures. How do you embed the nuances and subtleties of each culture into a familiar experience regardless of where you are in the world?

Gina Villavicencio from Marriott Corporation shares what they are doing to create better global user experiences.

Reinventing Corporate Structures

Traditional organizational silos are the nemesis of delivering great experiences. Does a culture of design require a fundamental structural shift in how the organization operates?

Design leaders from GE, Nasdaq, and MasterCard share how they reinvented their corporate structure.

Inventing the Yes Lawyer

If you’re bringing in compliance at the end of your design process – you’re too late. Hear why compliance and procurement are essential members of the design team and how the entire process benefits.

Traci Walker from US Digital Service and Jeff Gladchun from Fidelity Investments discuss the importance of bringing in compliance early.

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