Ultra-Contextual Design, a May 14 Virtual Seminar with Abi Jones

Adam Churchill

May 8th, 2015

Contextual design combines the user centricity of customer journeys and the environmental awareness of sensors to create remarkable experiences. It helps mountain rescue teams save lives and busy do-it-yourselfers find the right tool for the job. But if you want to be successful, you’ve got to get down to the basics. Understand what your users need to accomplish. Find out what’s getting in their way.

In Explore the Possibilities of Ultra-Contextual Design, Abi Jones, interaction designer on the Search team at Google, shows us how sensor-informed technology can change all of that.

  • Establish context for user experiences via empathy map
  • Use journey maps to drive sensor-informed context
  • Evaluate whether sensor-informed context makes sense for your users
  • Ask for more data without alienating users

Leverage sensor technology, but don’t know where to start. Figure out whether sensor-informed context is right for you and your users.Create better research plans. Join us on May 14.



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