UIETips: Enabling Design Influence at Scale

Jared Spool

June 10th, 2015

In this week’s UIEtips, we publish an article from Chris Avore on Design Influence. In the article Chris  explores design driven success.

Here’s an excerpt:

Just showing the rest of the organization what your team is doing isn’t enough to scale design—it’s just giving you the credibility and visibility you’ll need when other leaders ask who to turn to when their own businesses or teams want to begin an engagement. To truly scale design, you have to put the methods of designers into the toolkit of the people who don’t report to you—product managers, to development teams, business analysts, marketers, account executives, and management, and maybe even the customers themselves.

Read the article: Enabling Design Influence at Scale.

How does your team create a common understanding of design responsibilities?

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