Seeking a Front-End Web Developer Who Loves a Challenge

Adam Churchill

June 26th, 2015

Go look at (Seriously. Go look. We’ll wait.)

Ok. Now look at (Yup, we’ll wait again.) Also, our All You Can Learn Library or this page (Jared Live).

Compare to the others. See the difference? This is why we need you. If you can help us make be a modern-looking, easy-to-use web site, we want you to join our team.

Our audience is filled with people like you. Folks who work every day creating great designs. We need all of our web sites to meet the high bar we’ve set. After all, we spend our days sharing our research and knowledge about great design, yet, we feel our own site doesn’t come close to what we preach.

We need help. A lot of help. Enough help that we’re seeking a full-time person to join our team. Is that you?

This project starts from ground zero. You’ll work alongside the rest of the team to explore different design alternatives. We use user research and tests of prototypes with our customers to try out ideas, so you’ll get immediate feedback on what works and what doesn’t. We’re very iterative, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn and try new things. Our process goes from simple sketching in design studios through high-fidelity working code.

It’s not the only project, by the way. We’ve got new conferences coming up that will need their own sites. We’re planning really nifty enhancements to our popular  All You Can Learn Library of videos. And, there’s our newsletters, podcasts, and other resources that we share with the world. You’d be part of the design of all of those. There’s always lots to do here.

You’d be ideal if you can  happily hop from Expression Engine templates for All You Can Learn to Statamic site builds for our event sites. You need to be committed to web standards and accessibility, because we are. You’ll embrace and improve our established Git-powered workflows, and help us build a reusable repository of web components with tools like Sass/SCSS. You’ll work with our custom-built PHP components and and delight at our tastefully-implemented JavaScript. We’ll count on you to choose the best tool for the job, but not jump at each new shiny thing on the Internet.

Is this the perfect job for you? Prove to us you have the experience we’re after by sending us your resume, links to some of your best work, and a half-page write-up of your most significant web-development accomplishment. While we’re less concerned with your qualifications, we won’t compromise on your ability to deliver great results.

Ideally, you’d work in our North Andover offices, alongside the rest of the team. However, we’d entertain someone who is a talented developer who works in a time zone near the east coast, so we can keep in touch during the same hours. This is not a contractor opportunity. We’ll provide all the resources you need to bring out the best in your talents and skills, in our flexible, family-friendly work environment.

Send your resume and write-up to:

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