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Adam Churchill

July 31st, 2015

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  • The New Design Leader Emphasizes Leadership by Jared SpoolUser research is the most effective tool for bringing the user into every conversation. Smart design leaders prioritize their team’s user research capability above design skills. Understanding the user and their needs will drive great design.
  • Hiring UX Experts Versus Giving Your Team Their Own UX Skills by Jared SpoolBringing on someone with skills and training the rest of the team in those skills are not mutually exclusive activities. In fact, they are quite synergistic. The UX Expert can act as a coach and leader, helping the team become self sufficient in the long term.
  • Making Companies Competitive by Expanding Design’s Role by Jared SpoolProfessionals are making decisions that affect the experience of the people who use their products or services, even if they aren’t the direct customers of their company. Those decisions can either frustrate or delight.

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