You Are the Inspiration for UI20

Jared Spool

August 11th, 2015

There’s no rest for the weary when it comes to keeping your UX design skills up to date. Constant changes are often overwhelming and at times frustrating.

That’s why I designed this year’s UI20 workshop topics and speakers with you in mind. You deserve to learn from the very best on the most critical challenges you face when it comes to user experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to come to Boston, November 2–4, to gain skills and soak up knowledge from these full-day workshop leaders:

  • Kim Goodwin: Drive design decisions from scenarios of what your users will do with the design.
  • Marc Stickdorn: Move beyond digital design, delivering delightful cross-channel experiences.
  • Nathan Curtis: Build a cohesive cross-product experience with defined standards and workflows.
  • Bruce McCarthy: Become part of the product strategy conversation by contributing UX perspectives.
  • Erika Hall: Cost-effective techniques to bring user-focused decision-making all through your project.
  • Steph Hay: A design process that starts with the conversation you want your customers to have.
  • Jenn Lukas: Communicate your design’s intent with the same language your developers use.
  • Jeff Gothelf: Move to Lean UX and discover and build what customers really want and need.

Explore all the workshops and sign up early. Year over year, this conference sells out and to guarantee the workshops of your choice, it’s best to register now.

And do make sure you track me down at the conference and tell me about the cool user experience designs you’re working on.

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