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August Free Resources – Articles & Podcasts

Adam Churchill

August 31st, 2015

Missed some of the articles and podcasts we published in August.  Here they are.

Recent Articles

  • Content-First Design by Steph Hay
    Game designers start with the story, and then they design for discovery—learning in the moment not only increases retention and engagement, but it’s delightful and emotionally empowering.
  • Effective Remote Design by Jim Kalbach
    The fact is, remote design is already prevalent in our field. The odds are you’ll have to design with a distributed team, if you haven’t already. The question is how you’ll handle it when you do. With a little forethought, remote design can be as productive as working in person.
  • Preparing Organizations to Become Design-Infused by Jared Spool
    Getting a UX designer embedded on every team is a fantastic achievement for most organizations. It shows commitment to producing great experiences and is very difficult to accomplish. However, there’s still room for the organization to grow. Becoming a design-infused organization is the next level of maturity.

Recent Podcasts

  • Shifting to Continuous Deployment with Karen McGrane
    The speed of Agile delivery fundamentally changes the work process and puts new demands on the design cycle. What happens when the notion of deadline dates is replaced with a continual stream of experience enhancements by everyone in the organization?
  • Service Design: Creating Delightful Cross-Channel Experiences with Marc Stickdorn
    “Service design” describes a holistic approach to your users’ and customers’ needs, no matter where or when they’re interacting with your product or service. In traditionally siloed organizations, it can be no small task to ensure that you are providing the best possible service.
  • Using Scenarios to Solve Problems with Kim Goodwin
    Understanding is what user experience as a field hinges upon. After all, if you don’t understand how users are interacting with your product or service, you don’t know what to design for. But how, as a team, do you come to that understanding?

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