UI20: Convince Your Boss

Lauren Cramer

August 31st, 2015

You know it’s worth coming to UI20, but does your boss? Use this information and a summary of costs to help you get the green light.

Five Overall Benefits:

  1. Get the latest UX techniques.
  2. Network and learn what others are doing in the UX field.
  3. Improve individual and team design skills.
  4. Solve current design problems.
  5. Eliminate the need to hire outside UX personnel.

UI20 Delivers Proven Techniques and Best Practices for UX Designers

Get your team on the same page with proven UX methods and tools. Develop a shared understanding about the designs that will delight your customers. Attend two daylong workshops and a day of talks to learn the latest strategies and techniques for building great products.

Tackle Critical UX Topics and Move Projects Forward

  • Drive design decisions from scenarios of what your users will do with the design.
  • Move beyond digital design, delivering delightful cross-channel experiences.
  • Build a cohesive cross-product experience with defined standards and workflows.
  • Become part of the product strategy conversation by contributing UX perspectives.
  • Use cost-effective techniques to get user-focused decision-making throughout your project.
  • Create a design process that starts with the conversation you want your customers to have.
  • Communicate your design’s intent with the same language your developers use.
  • Incorporate Lean UX to discover and build what customers really want and need.

Summary of Costs

Conference fee: $1,475 (when you use code UI20ben by 9/12/15)
Hotel: $975
Flight: $300–$600
Transportation to and from airport: $5–$30
Food: $100
Total: $2,855–$3,180


Bring this printable version to help convince your boss next time you meet.


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