Your Boss is Talking About You

Lauren Cramer

September 28th, 2015

Setting: Ping! A high priority email comes in from your boss

When: December, 2015

Hello there,

What a difference you’ve made to our team. I’m super impressed with what you learned and brought back to us from the User Interface 20 Conference in Boston. It was just this past November and already you’ve put what you learned to work and made significant positive impact on the company.

You weren’t joking that your goal after the conference was getting everyone on the same page.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ve put into action.

  • Showed the team how to understand big picture design priorities with scenarios
  • Gotten service design thinking into our daily work
  • Created a shared vocabulary to communicate across teams
  • Held conversations with PMs that influence product direction
  • Influenced our organization with a precise research plan
  • Saved the team valuable time by collecting reusable patterns
  • Written scripts for user interviews to test content and language preferences
  • Increased team learning by adopting lean principles

And there’s so much more valuable input you’ve provided. What a great decision it was to send you to UI20. I wish we sent more of the team. And you saved us $200 with the promo code BOSS. You rock!

This could be the type of praise heaped upon you after you return from the UI20 Conference in Boston, November 2-4.  Come explore what the conference has to offer.

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