How to Talk with Your Developers

Jared Spool

October 21st, 2015

Speaking the same language as your developers is hugely beneficial and knowing some CSS will help you do that. Having this common language aids in creating a more collaborative feel to conversations with developers versus dictating to them what to do.

That’s why we’ve asked Jenn Lukas to give a full-day workshop at the UI20 Conference in Boston, November 2–4, on Mastering CSS to Build a Living Style Guide. Recently, I interviewed Jenn about her topic. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

When we understand the tools that we work with, we all become better at our jobs. The same way as a developer understanding design principles can make me develop better. I know what to QA for, I know how to keep a consistent grid, I know what goes into good typography. These are the rules that make you more well-rounded.

Going the other way, to be able to know what CSS and technology is capable of really helps people to create better, stronger designs. To know where you can push the limits of design, to know where things can be scaled back, to know what goes into the building blocks of creating something.

Listen to the podcast interview or read the transcript.

In Jenn Lukas’ workshop, Mastering CSS to Build a Living Style Guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build style guidelines to communicate effectively with developers
  • Understand the most common styles, including fonts, colors, and background
  • Get everyone on the same page about how your design should look and feel

See what else you’ll do during Jenn’s full-day workshop at the User Interface Conference, on November 4 in Boston.

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