Stop the Feature-Checklist War with Your Products

Jared Spool

October 22nd, 2015

Engaging in user research can tell you how your customers use your product but more importantly why they use it a particular way.

If the users of your product are requesting what seems to be a simple fix, such as moving a button, perhaps there are greater underlying reasons. So rather than just accepting the request and acting on it, using research to uncover that “why” can lead to a new use case that you weren’t actively supporting. This in turn can lead to greater opportunities for the business as a whole.

Bruce McCarthy and I spoke at some length about this in a podcast around UX and Product Roadmaps. Here’s an excerpt from the podcast:

If all you’re doing is getting into a feature-checklist war with your competition, that’s just a recipe for becoming a commodity. You and all your competition will have the same list of features, and the only thing left to compete on will be price. That’s a terrible place to be operating.

I would much rather be the product or the company that really gets a particular segment of buyers and users. Really understands them in depth and can, as a result, serve them better than anybody else.

Listen to the podcast interview or read the transcript.

In Bruce McCarthy’s UI20 workshop, Collaborative Product Strategy: How UX Can Influence Product Decisions, on November 2, you’ll learn how to:

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