UIE Article: ‘View Full Site’ Must Die

Jared Spool

May 25th, 2016

In this week’s article, I advocate for the death of the ‘View Full Site’ link at the bottom of mobile (M Dot) pages.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

We provide the escape hatch because the M Dot’s experience isn’t complete. The M Dot site can’t have what the users need, because we’ve intentionally crippled it.

Yet when the user takes the leap through the escape hatch by clicking on the “View Full Site” link, they are brought back into the world of unusable desktop sites. Pinch and zoom are the only ways to survive.

“View Full Site” is a promise of a better world that can’t be met. What the user hopes for is an easy way to access the functionality missing from the M Dot. But returning them to the world of pinch and zoom isn’t the solution. What is the better solution? Responsive design.

Read the article: ‘View Full Site’ Must Die

Should ‘View Full Site’ be allowed to live? Tell us about it below.

One Response to “UIE Article: ‘View Full Site’ Must Die”

  1. Matthew Babbs Says:

    Hi – longtime Responsive fan here (and Mobile First). Couldn’t agree more that having a link to the “full site” is a leftover from the days when the “mobile version” didn’t have all the content. But there are some sites where the link says instead, “Use classic layout,” “Use desktop layout,” or “Use full-size layout.” I know from my own experience that sometimes these are useful. Maybe a particular task is just easier with the big layout, even on a small screen. Maybe the site has guessed wrong for the size of device I’m using. So I think the idea of letting the user choose the “other” layout if it suits them better, can still be valuable.

    Basically, as a designer, it’s about admitting that sometimes you can get it “wrong” and sometimes the *other* layout might be more appropriate.

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