UIE Article: Becoming a UX Unicorn in 5 Easy Steps

Jared Spool

June 15th, 2016

In this week’s article, I revisit what is takes to become a UX Unicorn.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

We first heard the unicorn moniker bandied about when job ads started showing up asking for designers who could do interaction design, information architecture, visual design, and even a little coding. The hiring managers seemed to want someone who could do everything. “Who could that possibly be?”, exclaimed the seasoned designers. “Nobody could do all that and be any good,” they’d say.

Since nobody could do all of these things, the jobs would be dismissed as a unicorn hunt. The expectation is the company would come to their senses and hire a team of folks to get the collection of skills they need.

Read the article: Becoming a UX Unicorn in 5 Easy Steps

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