Jumpstart Your Design Projects With An Effective Discovery Process

Jared Spool

August 25th, 2016

Before your team can identify innovative solutions, they need to truly understand the problems they’re solving. The discovery process—gathering information, processing information, exploring ideas, and focusing on a plan—will get your team ready.

You’ll want to spend the day with Dan in his workshop to see how to do these critical skills and more:

  • Frame the design with problem statements and project objectives
  • Explore opportunities through collaborative sketching
  • Focus your insights and ideas with a solid project plan

Image of Dan Brown: UI21 Workshop Leader

Dan Brown

When companies need to ensure their design process will handle the big challenges, they call on Dan Brown. Through his work at EightShapes, he’s become a leading expert on how teams can repeatedly produce delightfully fantastic products. He’s stepped back from formulaic approaches to create a foundational understanding of what happens in successful and unsuccessful projects.

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