UX Metrics: Identify Trackable Footprints and Avoid the Woozles

Jared Spool

March 22nd, 2017

In this week’s article I tell you about Woozle Hunting, the ongoing pursuit to find key UX metrics.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

As I watch teams struggling to identify key UX metrics, I sometimes think they are behaving like Pooh and Piglet as they stroll through the 100-Acre Woods. The teams are hunting for a measure (or two or three) they can use to show that the investment their organization is making into improving the user experience is paying off. Finding key UX metrics is hard and, like the elusive Woozle, difficult to capture.

Teams often start with the metrics that come out of the box. Tools like Google Analytics come with metrics that have important sounding names, like Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate, and Time on Page. However, most teams quickly realize these metrics don’t actually track anything that’s meaningful to the users’ experience.

Read the article: UX Metrics: Identify Trackable Footprints and Avoid the Woozles

How does your team identify key UX metrics? Comment below, we’d love to hear your answers.

Interested in identifying UX metrics that will help you assess how your design is performing? Kate Rutter has a fantastic full-day workshop at this year’s UX Immersion: Interactions Conference in Portland, May 1-3. See what she’s covering here.

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