​Great News. You Didn’t Miss Your Chance to Save $300

Jared Spool

August 8th, 2017


Th​e price increase for this amazing UX event happened last Saturday. But not for you.

Use the code SUMMER17 when you register through this coming Sunday for the full User Interface 22 conference and get $300 off of the current lowest available price.

But we all know saving money isn’t the only reason to come to this great event. Here are seven other reasons to​​​ register through ​this coming Sunday​​:

  • Two Day-long Workshops: Choose two fantastic interactive workshops to practice new techniques and strengthen your design skills.
  • One Day of Featured Talks: Hear the latest ideas and techniques around UX from our team of experts plus a new keynote from me.
  • Complete Conference Materials: You’ll get PDFs for every session and workshop.
  • Exclusive Slack Team: You’ll get an invitation to join the Slack team dedicated to UI22, to connect with speakers and other attendees.
  • 30 Days of Premium Access to UIE’s All You Can Learn Library: Start your UX learning before you even get to UI22. You’ll have access to over 315 virtual seminars and conference recordings.
  • Recordings of the Featured Talks: Post conference you’ll have access to all the Featured Talks for you and your team as part of your All You Can Learn Library access.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Groups, and Receptions with your peers:​ Plenty to eat and drink, including breakfast every day. While you eat, meet UX practitioners who, just like yourself, face the same challenges and are discovering new solutions.

What are you waiting for? Register ​through this Sunday​ with coupon code SUMMER17​ to save $300.​

​I’m excited to see you in Boston.


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