Winning a User Experience Debate

Jared Spool

August 11th, 2017

This week’s article is an excerpt from Undercover User Experience Design, a book by Cennydd Bowles and James Box. In it, Cennydd outlines his advice for winning a UX debate and explains what to do when you disagree with the feedback you receive on your design. We love this book, and think this excerpt is a great way to immerse yourself in his concept of undercover UX design.

Here are two passages from the article:

To bring UX to the heart of the business, you must persuade colleagues to trust your opinion and expertise. Handling critique well is an important way to earn trust. It’s easy to undo your hard work with rash disagreement. Never dismiss stakeholder feedback out of hand. Every designer makes mistakes, and there will always be approaches to a problem that you’ve not considered. The worst UX designers are those who succumb to the arrogant conceit that stakeholders are design-illiterate fools. It’s true that your business colleagues may not be able to express ideas in the same visual way you do, but smart stakeholders are always an advantage for a UX designer.

If you’re skeptical about your stakeholders’ requests, try them out anyway, then do it your way too. It takes longer, but you’ll gain trust by showing you can listen to feedback. You may be able to persuade your stakeholder why your design is stronger, or you may even find that his suggestion was better all along.

Read the article: Winning a User Experience Debate

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