The KJ-Technique: A Group Process for Establishing Priorities

Jared Spool

May 25th, 2018

In this week’s article I talk about the KJ-Method.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The KJ-Method is simple and easy to do. It focuses the group on the task at hand and is excellent at eliminating unnecessary discussion and distractions from the goal. It’s a tool that everyone should have in their designer’s toolbox.

We’ve got it down to an eight-step process that we can do with any size group in less than an hour. Here’s how we do it: We use two colors of removable sticky notes, such as yellow and blue. We like the standard 3×5 size or the 4×6 size, if we can get it. We need a room with a lot of wall space. Typically, a large conference room will work well. We also need a facilitator. This is a person who will move the group from one step to the next. (While a facilitator can also contribute as a group member, politics may make this less than desirable. The safe road is to have the facilitator play a neutral role.)

Read the article: The KJ-Technique: A Group Process for Establishing Priorities

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