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This Week’s Most Popular Tweets – Our New Weekly Blog Post

We share a lot of information through Twitter. Everyday we’re sending out tweets about valuable resources, interesting articles, and latest industry happenings. But not everyone uses Twitter, so we’re starting a weekly blog post that summarizes the most popular tweets from the previous week. Since this is the first post, we’re covering tweets from June […]

Color in Your Design

Color. We’ve been chasing this topic for a long time. It’s important. It can be tricky. And now, it’s on the virtual seminar program. And we couldn’t have a better person to cover it for you—Molly Holzschlag. Designing with color often is a matter of personal preference. But your success in designing a usable, accessible, […]

The Daily Show’s Secret? Accessibility Technology

At this year’s SxSW conference, a panel with the Daily Show With Jon Stewart’s executive producer Rory Albanese revealed insight into a use for accessibility technology we’d never thought of. If you go to enough discussions on accessibility, you’ll hear about this old chestnut: Cuts in the sidewalk curbs, put in for wheelchair access, is […]

Socially-Transmitted Functionality

Pull-to-Refresh is all the rage in mobile apps. Take something like the Twitter client. In the timeline, if you want to see if any new messages have been posted, you pull down on the list with your thumb, then release. The gesture signals the app to check with Twitter’s servers to see if anything new […]

The Future of Interaction Design Is Born From A Car For The Blind

If you want to see what’s beyond glass, multi-touch screens, you needn’t go much farther than this TED talk by Dennis Hong on a car his team has developed for a blind driver. Yes, you read that right. A blind person driving a car. Not an autonomous car that drives a blind person around, but […]

UIEtips: Accessibility with Derek Featherstone

Derek Featherstone is probably the most authoritative guy I know in the area of implementing accessible websites. He really understands what this is about. Back in 2007, I met up with him while he gave the keynote at the Web General Conference. At that time, we recorded a podcast interview which is available on our […]

Web App Expert Interviews – Part 1

Do you prototype your web app projects? Can Ajax techniques really improve accessibility? Do you wonder how components and patterns stack up to style guides and which is more efficient to use? The answer to these questions, and many more, are in a series of podcast interviews I did with web app experts. Twitter has been abuzz over these […]

Spoolcast: Ajax Aids Accessibility?

If you do it right, using Ajax techniques can improve accessibility. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Ajax, like most techniques and technologies on the web are what you make of them.

That’s why I asked Derek Featherstone to speak with me about his latest work. Derek is a world renown expert on web accessibility. As principle of Further Ahead, he also helps clients deploy sites that exploit the latest techniques. These two statements do not need to be at odds with each other!

Life w/o Javascript: A look at Nokia vs. SonyEricsson

Have you looked at your site with Javascript disabled? Robert Nyman does just that with the Nokia and SonyEricsson UK sites and finds some surprising results. It’s quite a good write up. Very much worth a read followed by the obvious next step: checking your own site out the same way. [Hat tip to NortyPig]