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UIEtips: Is There Any Meat on This Lean UX Thing?

“As we practice Lean UX, it becomes a mindset. It becomes a way of thinking about our development and design process.” That’s what Jeff Gothelf said to me when I asked him to explain all this fuss about Lean UX. As our clients are moving to more rapid development processes, like Agile’s Scrum, their design […]

Day 2: Seattle Web App Masters Tour

Following the brilliance of Day 1 of the UIE Web App Masters Tour, we had a another awesome day of great presentations. Pam Rodriguez and Luke Wroblewski did a nice job of posting their notes. Thanks guys! Steve Portigal on Design Fieldwork: Uncovering Innovation from the Outside In – Pam’s notes, Luke’s notes. Kate Brigham […]

UIEtips: Accessibility with Derek Featherstone

Derek Featherstone is probably the most authoritative guy I know in the area of implementing accessible websites. He really understands what this is about. Back in 2007, I met up with him while he gave the keynote at the Web General Conference. At that time, we recorded a podcast interview which is available on our […]

UIEtips: To Refresh, or Not to Refresh

I’ve often said good design is like the air conditioning in the room. If it’s working well, maintaining the right climate, nobody even notices it. You only pay attention to it when it’s not working. Little design details are the same. If they are implemented well, the users won’t pay them any heed. If they […]

SpoolCast: Bill Scott’s Desiging for Interesting Moments: Live!

Bill Scott’s Designing for Interesting Moments was one of the highlights of the first stop on UIE’s Web App Masters tour, in San Diego. We wanted everyone to benefit from his research into web interactions, so we’re bringing you this audio and visual sample.

SpoolCast: Interesting Moments with Bill Scott

Bill Scott chats with Jared Spool about rich interactions, his new book about them, and his deep history with them at Sabre, Yahoo! and now Netflix. Bill is one of the stellar presenters scheduled for all four cities on the UIE Web App Masters Tour.

Web App Expert Interviews – Part 1

Do you prototype your web app projects? Can Ajax techniques really improve accessibility? Do you wonder how components and patterns stack up to style guides and which is more efficient to use? The answer to these questions, and many more, are in a series of podcast interviews I did with web app experts. Twitter has been abuzz over these […]

SpoolCast: Roughing it with Interactive Prototypes

Planning documents for web app projects are often overlooked, despite their importance in the success of the product. James Box and Richard Rutter of Clearleft share their successful process of creating rough interactive prototypes for clients when creating web applications.

Spoolcast: Ajax Aids Accessibility?

If you do it right, using Ajax techniques can improve accessibility. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Ajax, like most techniques and technologies on the web are what you make of them.

That’s why I asked Derek Featherstone to speak with me about his latest work. Derek is a world renown expert on web accessibility. As principle of Further Ahead, he also helps clients deploy sites that exploit the latest techniques. These two statements do not need to be at odds with each other!

SpoolCast: Web 2.0 Strategy and Design With Steve Mulder and Riccardo LaRosa

We love to talk to Steve Mulder (from Molecular) and Riccardo La Rosa (from Isobar) about building out a Web 2.0 strategy and incorporating elements, such as social features and highly-interactive elements to the design. Listen to their stories of helping major brands integrate social and highly-interactive experiences.