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@SemanticWill’s Process of Wireframing

Over at Semantic Foundry, designer extraordinaire, Will Evans, has a wonderful essay explaining how he uses wireframing as both a problem setting and a problem solving approach. I pick my primary audience and the one activity which allows them to solve one goal quickly, effortlessly, elegantly. In this case, the primary audience wants to easily […]

UIEtips: To Refresh, or Not to Refresh

I’ve often said good design is like the air conditioning in the room. If it’s working well, maintaining the right climate, nobody even notices it. You only pay attention to it when it’s not working. Little design details are the same. If they are implemented well, the users won’t pay them any heed. If they […]

UIEtips article: Hijax — Progressive Enhancements with Ajax

Jeremy Keith shares his strategy for creating applications with Ajax that do the right thing when JavaScript isn’t available.

SpoolCast: Ajax Then and Now with Jeremy Keith

This week, Ajax design expert Jeremy Keith joins us from Brighton, England. Jeremy is the technical lead at Clearleft, a leading design consultancy in the UK. We talked about the evolution and best use of the techniques we call Ajax.