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UIEtips: Applying Comics

In this week’s UIEtips Kevin Cheng discusses how to communicate ideas using comics and sketches. Here’s an excerpt from the article Having everybody reading the requirements document before a project starts isn’t just bureaucratic nonsense; it also ensures there are no surprises at the end. The problem is that requirements documents use words like “community,” […]

Current Virtual Seminar Lobby Music Playlist

A lot of people have been asking us for the full list of songs that we play before our virtual seminars. Here is the current list of our Virtual Seminar Lobby music (You might notice we here at UIE are particularly fond of covers.): Time Is Running Out – by The Section Quartet Still Alive […]

UIE’s Most Popular Resource and Content Tweets: 8/4 – 8/10

Here’s a recap of the resources and information we shared on Twitter last week. Usability Some great usability and user research war stories. This article has some good examples and points to help sell usability testing with execs. Mobile New UI17 speaker podcast: @lukew – Designing Multi-Device User Experiences. Need some help creating cross-platform mobile […]

How Savvy Are You in Mobile Design or Agile?

Do you think you’re a mobile design or Agile guru? Now you can test your skill level with our mobile design and Agile quiz. Each quiz has 9 questions to test your knowledge. At the end of the quiz, you’re rewarded with recommended resources to further your knowledge. Plus you’ll discover if you’re as agile […]

All in a Name: Fun Times with a Weighted Matrix

Producing a brand new event is exciting. Lots to think about: the speakers, the topics, and the locations. Yet what immediately separates one conference from another is its name. Back December 2011, we asked your help in naming our brand new conference. There weren’t a lot of details other than it’s a 3-day consisting of […]

iPad + Siri = Knowledge Navigator

[Update: MSNBC picked up on this story and reminded me that I wrote an article deconstructing the Knowledge Navigator a while back.] Back in 1987, Apple (under the direction of John Sculley, not Steve Jobs), released a video of what Apple products could be like in the future. Called the Knowledge Navigator, it showed a […]

Beans and Noses

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of great advice. One piece of advice I keep coming back to is about managing expectations. It came from an old friend, just a few days after I’d started my consulting practice. He was a seasoned consultant himself and I had asked him what I should know, just […]

LL Spool J Releases a New Hit Single

LL Spool J’s (aka Jared Spool) new single, That’s What It’s About, is his first new release in over six years. “I’ve been keeping in touch with my fans and doing some gigs. While on the road this song came to me. I’m really amped about it. I think folks will dig it.” says LL […]

What Makes The Most Valuable UX Person In The World?

At this year’s IA Summit in Denver, I’m giving a presentation on measuring the value a UX person delivers, which I’ve called, The Most Valuable UX Person In The World. Borrowing liberally from the Dos Equis ads, I used this as the program description: The Most Valuable UX Person In The World She builds her […]

19 Lessons from United Airlines on How To Build A Crappy Survey

As I was boarding my fourth airplane for the week, I noticed a wifi decal on the fuselage. I’ve used wi-fi on planes before (primarily Virgin America, my favorite airline), but this was the first time I saw it on a United flight (and I’ve flown 74 United flights so far this year). While I […]