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Internet Wasteland

I believe this is the first song that has ever included “The Scent of Information” and “Ruby on Rails” in the lyrics: Eddy Boston’s Internet Wasteland.

Solicitors Are Welcome

At UIE, we do few things like everyone else. Everyone else puts up a sign saying how they don’t want solicitors to randomly walk into their offices and sell them stuff. But not us. We like solicitors. In fact, we tell them so in a sign we’ve put outside our offices: Here’s what the sign […]

MBTA’s Charlie Card Interface

Ashley McKee details a recent experience she had with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s new Charlie Card system, and wants to hear your opinion on the system’s user interface.

What’s Your Self-Cleaning Toilet?

Have your expectations of something ever been so low that they have nowhere to go but up? While I was on my recent trip in Europe, I stopped at a rest area in Germany and found this nifty toilet in the bathroom. It didn’t look like much at first, but then I noticed the blue […]

Twitter’s Fairy Doors

Could you see your organization putting up messages like this?

When is Today not Today? When you check in at

Would a human operator have done this?

Usability on the Inside

Ashley McKee discusses how when it comes to usability, everything on the inside is just as important as everything on the outside.

Cool Visualization: Alberto Gonzales’ Testimony

Many Eyes is an interesting research project at IBM, allowing users to upload data sets and produce interesting visualizations. The following is a visualization of US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ 4/19 Senate Testimony, as rendered in a tag cloud:

Tag cloud from IBM's Many Eyes of Gonzales' testimony

No Next Day

While I applaud the designers for using something a little less subtle than just removing the link, the phrase No Next Day troubles me slightly. I wouldn’t mind something a little less, well, ominous. (It reminds me of the phrase I dislike hearing when traveling: my final destination. It always sound so “final.”)

In-N-Out Burger: No Buns about Good Business

I first discovered In-N-Out Burger during a trip to Las Vegas last March. How I went so many years without knowing the joys of that place is beyond me. My friend brought me to the In-N-Out on Dean Martin Drive, and we waited a good 20 minutes in line just to get up to the […]