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UIE Article: Misconceptions about Collaboration

In this week’s article Dan Brown talks about how misconceptions can hinder the collaborative process. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Throw smart people together. Suffice it to say that working with smart people is satisfying and challenging. But collaboration isn’t just about smarts. It’s about providing a framework for working together. Just as important as […]

Current Virtual Seminar Lobby Music Playlist

A lot of people have been asking us for the full list of songs that we play before our virtual seminars. Here is the current list of our Virtual Seminar Lobby music (You might notice we here at UIE are particularly fond of covers.): Time Is Running Out – by The Section Quartet Still Alive […]

UIEtips: The Magical Short-Form Creative Brief

Small is good. We love small products. Why not small processes? Mobile phones used to be big and bulky. Then we found ways to make them smaller and pack more stuff into them. Now we walk around with multi-purpose computers in our pockets. And guess what? We use them more than ever for things we […]

Putting An End To An Opinion War

Opinion wars kill design projects. An opinion war happens when two or more people hold strongly held opinions that are in opposition of each other. Opinion wars can get messy. They can stop a team in its tracks. And the worst thing about them is they can’t be won. There is never a winner in […]

Is this Conference for Me?

What if you could use an objective rating system to determine if a conference met your specific standards? Would you use it? We’re frequently approached to sponsor conferences so we came up with a method to determine if the sponsorship is worthwhile. We discovered it works well with choosing conferences to attend too. The first […]

Job: Amazing Digital Media Intern

We’re looking for an amazing Digital Media Intern for a paid, 3-month internship. Fast Forward Three Months… We’d like to thank you for doing a fantastic job as our Digital Media Intern. You’ve doubled the number of podcasts we’ve been publishing, making them sound better than ever. We were stunned at how quickly you learned […]

Starting a New Adventure: Perfetti Media

Tomorrow is a bittersweet day for me. July 18th is my last official day working at User Interface Engineering. I’ll be leaving UIE and launching my new training and consulting organization, Perfetti Media. For eight years, I’ve been excited and happy to come to the office every day, continually challenged by my work. While my […]

UIEtips Article: Common Pitfalls of Social Web Applications, Part II

UIEtips 7/31/07: Common Pitfalls of Social Web Applications, Part II This week, UIE turns 19 years old. Over the years, we’ve seen technology come and go, features grow and shrink, and interaction styles dramatically change. What used to be just a person interacting with a screen has become something more — people interacting with other […]

Internet Wasteland

I believe this is the first song that has ever included “The Scent of Information” and “Ruby on Rails” in the lyrics: Eddy Boston’s Internet Wasteland.

Solicitors Are Welcome

At UIE, we do few things like everyone else. Everyone else puts up a sign saying how they don’t want solicitors to randomly walk into their offices and sell them stuff. But not us. We like solicitors. In fact, we tell them so in a sign we’ve put outside our offices: Here’s what the sign […]