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UIEtips: 8 Things You Need to Know About Taxonomy, Metadata and Information Architecture in SharePoint

In today’s UIEtips, Jeff Carr and Seth Earley discuss eight important things to keep in mind concerning taxonomy, metadata, and IA when using SharePoint. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Only after we have designed and constructed a solid foundation with respect to the organizing principles of our information can we consider how it is […]

UIEtips: Five Factors for Successful Persona Projects

Personas are one of the most controversial tools in the professional UX toolbox. People either swear by them or swear at them. When they work, they are awesome, but when they fail, well, they fail gloriously. For the past few years, we’ve been researching why so many persona projects have such dismal results. We discovered […]

UIE Tips: 4 Tricks To Quick Intranet UX Improvements

It sucks when an employee tells you how frustrating the new intranet system is that they went home crying and didnʼt want to come to work. The systems we build shouldnʼt becausing anxiety attacks in our co-workers. Yet thatʼs exactly what happened in one company. As a result of a merger, they swapped in a […]

UIEtips: Cost Effective Approaches to Iteration in Agile UX

Try out an idea. See how it works. That’s the basics of an iteration, which we’ve used in our user experience work since the beginning. On the surface, it feels like when a team moves to an Agile development method, they are also moving to an iterative process. After all, what is a series of […]

UIEtips: Prototyping’s Resurgence – Communicating the Designer’s Intent

Imagine two designers. One is really imaginative and inventive, but hasn’t spent any time learning how to use any of the prototyping tools available today. The other has mastered multiple prototyping techniques quite proficiently, but isn’t particularly imaginative or inventive. Which one would more likely produce a portfolio of great designs over time? Our research […]

UIEtips: How to Create a UX Design Library

During a podcast recording, back in 2010, Nathan Curtis of EightShapes set me on the right path regarding UX design libraries. As we were talking, I had suggested that a UX Design Library was a snapshot of what the team felt the future of the design would be like. “Oh, no!” Nathan exclaimed. “I strongly […]

UIEtips: UX and Agile Development – 2012’s Challenges and Opportunities

It’s like one of those adventure movies where the hero, surrounded by their motley crew of misfit recruits, is looking across the valley at the approaching army, thinking, “What did we get ourselves into?” That’s the sense I get after talking with UX professionals about the challenges their organization faces as they move to Agile […]

UIEtips: UX & Mobile Design – 2012’s Challenges and Opportunities

New can be very scary. It’s easy to get comfortable with what we know, only to have everything turned topsy-turvy when we encounter major changes. The world of mobile design is new, and therefore, scary for many. The comforts of designing for the desktop disappear when we have to deal with these portable, tiny devices. […]

UIEtips: Attaining a Collaborative Shared Understanding

Sometimes, it’s easy to brand what we do as the “science of the obvious.” Here we are, doing all this research, and come up with something that is painfully obvious. The latest of the obviously obvious findings we’ve come up with? That teams who don’t have a shared understanding of their design rarely succeed at […]

UIEtips: The 5 Most Popular Articles and Blog Posts of 2011

During 2011, we published 33 articles and 174 blog posts and podcasts. We featured guest writers, published interviews, and wrote numerous articles about research we’ve done. There’s value in listening and reading everything we produced in 2011. But we know time is a factor. So in the last UIEtips for 2011, we decided to share […]