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UIEtips: Making a Brand Investment Through Experience

I always thought this request was a myth: “Can we make that logo bigger?” Yet there I was at the table and the stakeholder, with no sense of irony, said those very words. Out loud. I was stunned. “We paid a lot of money for that logo,” he continued, “and we need it to establish […]

Not All Visitors Make Great Customers – Moving Beyond Conversion Rates, Part 2

Moving Beyond Conversion Rates: Part 1: Avoid Ratios for Metrics Part 2: Not All Visitors Make Great Customers (this) Part 3: Visitors Are Not All The Same Part 4: Campaigns Are Where Conversion Rates Shine Part 5: Measuring Money Left On The Table A few years back, the executives at the electronics retailer Best Buy […]

Net Promoter Measures The Wrong Thing (or Why I Don’t Like United Airlines)

How likely am I to recommend United Airlines to someone else? If asked this question, I’d answer that it’s pretty likely, especially if that person lives here in the greater Boston area. Of all the major airlines, United has the best service out of Boston. The only other options if you need to travel all […]

Learn from the Master of Designing Seductive Interactions

What is Seductive Interaction Design? More and more, we’re seeing web sites use rewards systems, competitions, and fun progress indicators to get people engaged. Interactions such as these trigger different elements of human behavior and encourage your visitors to engage with your web site more. They differentiate the casual glance from a longer involvement with […]

Marriott Courtyard: Lobby Prototyping

Mark Hurst interviewed Brian King, VP & Global Brand Manager for Courtyard by Marriott about the new design of their hotels. It’s a great read, talking about how you revitalize a cash-cow business by creating a great experience. One of Brian’s comments jumped out at me: We took our knowledge and created, in a warehouse […]

What is the Essence of Your Product?

In our next UIE Virtual Seminar, Wednesday, September 9 (09/09/09!), Bill DeRouchey shows you examples of how to tackle this question – What is the essence of your product? Interaction with a product is more than how it’s used or how it behaves. It’s about a connection between two sides. One side is the customer, […]

SpoolCast: Company Culture Meets Customer Experience with Brian Kalma

This week I wanted to share my interview with Brian Kalma, Director of User Experience and Web Strategy for darling of Internet retail, In case you’ve somehow missed out on their meteoric rise to top of online retail, now conducting over a billion dollars in sales a year, you’re in for a treat.

But, what if?

The security challenge question on Bank of America’s site seems innocuous: In what year (YYYY) did you graduate from high school? But, what if the user didn’t graduate high school? (Little known fact: I didn’t graduate high school, so I’m a little sensitive to this question.) Should the user enter the date they would’ve graduated […]

A Popping-Good Look at Brand Engagement

If we want to see how brand engagement works, we don’t have to look any further than the Cuisinart Popcorn Maker. Williams-Sonoma is featuring this intriguingly designed popper on their site. It’s received 3.6 stars from the 25 reviewers. Only 9 (36%) of those reviewers gave it one, two, or three stars. Amazon is selling […]