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UIE Podcasts: Redesigning an Enterprise App to Battle the Clutter Tax

If we keep adding functionality, we start to clutter our enterprise application’s design. That clutter can create a substantial burden on the user while obscuring the functionality we want them to use.

UX Advantage – A new conference exploring UX as the competitive edge

How do you make user experience a competitive edge in your organization? This very question led User Interface Engineering to create this new conference with esteemed UX thought leaders Karen McGrane and Jared Spool. Find out how top design executives of established organizations bring UX front and center within their organization. All in an intimate, […]

UIEtips: Content Marketing Sustains the Conversation

In today’s UIEtips, Ahava Leibtag shares an excerpt from Chapter 9 of her book, The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web, to explain the challenges content marketing can solve and the set of tools it provides you. If you’re looking to expand upon traditional content strategy-both external (branding, messaging, tone) and internal (governance, workflows)-by […]

Kate Kiefer Lee – Voice and Tone Live!

Given the amount of communications a user takes in on a daily basis, how you speak to them is incredibly important. The “voice” a company uses contributes to the establishment of the brand as well a creates a distinguishing identifier that sets it apart within the daily deluge of content users encounter. A consistent voice can help a user feel comfortable and familiar with your organization.

Stephanie Hay – Building Trust with Your Users through Messaging and Copy

Ever wonder how many “World’s Best Coffee” signs exist in the world? The world is a big place, so that claim may or may not be entirely accurate. These days, with social media being so prevalent, it’s important that your messaging is truthful and that your product or service delivers on those promises. Otherwise you run the risk of losing the trust of your customer base, and scaring away potential users.

Home Depot Designed For Activities, Not Experiences

Mark Schaefer loves Home Depot. He wrote this blog post about how much. However, in that same post, he talked about a breakdown in the experience of being a Home Depot shopper. I’ve been going to Home Depot for 20 years and have spent untold thousands of dollars on home improvement and landscaping materials. I […]

Help us name our new conference and you could win a free pass

Back in November 2009 we asked for you to dig deep into your creative powers and help us name our spring conference. Out of that brainstorm activity, the Web App Masters Tour was born. Well we’re doing it again. During the spring of 2012, (hint: probably late April) we’re producing a new conference. We’re still […]

Contest Update: Name our Web App Thingy!

The plans for the our Web App Thingy event are moving along quickly. We’ve already lined up some kick-ass speakers on topics like Web App Navigation, Design Patterns, and building in Seductive Interfaces. We’re scoping out the venues to decide which of the four cities we’re gonna bring the tour to. And we’re getting really […]

What is the Essence of Your Product?

In our next UIE Virtual Seminar, Wednesday, September 9 (09/09/09!), Bill DeRouchey shows you examples of how to tackle this question – What is the essence of your product? Interaction with a product is more than how it’s used or how it behaves. It’s about a connection between two sides. One side is the customer, […]

A Popping-Good Look at Brand Engagement

If we want to see how brand engagement works, we don’t have to look any further than the Cuisinart Popcorn Maker. Williams-Sonoma is featuring this intriguingly designed popper on their site. It’s received 3.6 stars from the 25 reviewers. Only 9 (36%) of those reviewers gave it one, two, or three stars. Amazon is selling […]