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The Choice of Two Teams

[Continuing on the theme of designers who can code.] If you’re a designer, imagine you had a chance to work with two development teams. Team 1: One team has top-notch developers who know virtually nothing about design. They can code miracles, but the designs of their applications are horrible and frustrating to use. And they […]

Why The Valley Wants Designers That Can Code

If you’re in a room filled with designers, bring up the topic of whether it’s valuable for a designer to also code. Immediately, the room will divide faster than Moses split the Red Sea. One side will tell you coding is an essential skill, while the other will vehemently argue how it dilutes the designer’s […]

Convincing Your Boss to Invest in You

Go ahead. Ask the Question. You’re eager to attend the Web App Masters Tour. You know you’ll put into practice the insights that Jared Spool, Luke Wroblewski and Josh Clark share on mobile design. Your brain will be full of ideas from Stephen Anderson and Noah Iliinsky’s take on data visualization. The tips and techniques […]

The Value of Degrees

Last week, I got this question: I know you’ve been involved with the web for a long time, so I wanted to ask you a simple question: in your opinion, how useful is a computer science degree for a career in web development? I’m a second year CS major, and considering dropping out because I […]

Hands v. Brains: An Attempt to Clear Up Some Confusion

Recently Johnny Holland published two of my essays on a distinction I call Hands vs. Brains. (You can read part 1 & part 2.) My thinking about Hands and Brains have come from a distinction between, in my mind, contracting and consulting work. We get a ton of calls at UIE to help people with […]

Hey AIGA: 1996 called. They want their online pub tool back.

The AIGA recently published the online version of their 2009 Salary Survey. I was really disappointed with their 1996 approach to the salary survey. The AIGA is filled with talented designers, yet they opted for an impossible-to-use book reader to display their hard work. Locking the survey up in a proprietary, unusable reader was a […]

Userability #13 – Renaissance Man

This week we have our longest, and certainly one of our most interesting episodes to date. Jared and Robert met Joshua Muskovitz on the IxDA discussion list when Josh posted an innocent-enough question to the list: what do you call someone who sits squarely on the fence between interaction design and implementation? How do I market myself while job hunting when I have been in the industry so long that I have a really broad range of skills?

UIEtips: Ideal UX Team Makeup – Specialists, Generalists, or Compartmentalists

The User Experience world is filled with many disciplines: information architecture, user researcher, interaction design, copywriting, and visual design — to name just a few. Each of these disciplines have a rich history, a deep knowledge base, and an extensive tool set. Each takes a lifetime to master. While the successful team needs all of […]

Manager-Tools: Sharing Your References

From a user experience professional perspective, the current economy has a weird convergence happening: Because of the economic downturn (due to the rising fuel costs and mortgage market crisis), some companies are laying off and some are disappearing outright. Because executives understand the competitive value of creating great experiences, user experience professionals are in great […]