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Nathan Curtis – From PDFs to HTML Prototypes

Prototypes help, be they paper, wireframes or PDFs, to exhibit a design idea. They allow you to communicate your idea visually and test aspects of the design. As effective as they are, they have their limitations. Nathan Curtis of EightShapes uses HTML prototypes in his team’s design process. Using HTML, they test functionality and interactions in ways that are impossible while using static PDFs.

SpoolCast: A Practitioner’s Guide to Prototyping with Todd Zaki Warfel

Prototyping is an iterative process. You generate design concepts. You test them. You discover what works, what needs improving, and opportunities for new ideas. Tune in to this podcast to hear Todd Zaki Warfel talk about prototyping.

SpoolCast: Designing with Scenarios featuring Kim Goodwin

Scenarios are comprehensive stories that describe the way a persona would interacts with your product or service. If there is a grand dutchess of personas, scenarios, and design processes, it’s Kim Goodwin. That’s why we asked Kim to do a workshop on turning user research into action at UI15. Jared Spool spoke with her to preview that workshop, and clear up confusion surrounding scenarios in this podcast.

UIEtips: How to Create a UX Design Library

I got it wrong. It was the other day when I was talking with EightShapes’ Nathan Curtis while recording an upcoming podcast. As we were talking, I had suggested that a UX Design Library was a snapshot of what the team felt the future of the design would be like. “Oh, no,” Nathan exclaimed! “I […]

UIEtips: The Discipline of Content Strategy

A couple of days ago, I had the honor to once again see Kristina Halvorson inspire a gathering of developers and designers. Wedged between sessions on CSS3 and HTML5, Kristina introduced the crowd to the world of Content Strategy. And the audience loved it! It’s no surprise why. After all, content is the substance that […]

Web App Masters: Back Stage at 37signals

When was the last time you witnessed a web site redesign live at a conference? It’s exactly what Jason Fried of 37signals did in Minneapolis at the Web App Masters Tour. Jason shared with the audience the last 4 days of redesign that their Basecamp product went through. What’s unique about their process, is how […]

SpoolCast: Interesting Moments with Bill Scott

Bill Scott chats with Jared Spool about rich interactions, his new book about them, and his deep history with them at Sabre, Yahoo! and now Netflix. Bill is one of the stellar presenters scheduled for all four cities on the UIE Web App Masters Tour.

UIEtips: The Essence of a Successful Persona Project

Personas have been part of the UX toolbox for a while. Yet we’ve always wondered why teams don’t use them more often. A few years back, we set off to answer that question. We discovered a variety of ways to create personas — each valuable in their own right. With our clients, we’ve been using […]

SpoolCast: Prototyping Seminar Follow-up

A followup conversation with Fred Beecher answering more questions about prototyping tools and techniques, after his popular, recent Virtual Seminar on the topic.

SpoolCast: Prototyping Experiences

Todd Zaki Warfel has just finished two years of research into the tools and processes used in prototyping web sites. His findings will be published in a book due out this fall and we’ve asked him to give a full-day workshop on the topic at UI14. Todd sat down with us to talk all about prototyping tools and processes, and previews his upcoming workshop at UI14.