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UIETips: Goods, Bads, and Dailies – Lessons for Conducting Great Critiques

  Critique is a critical role in the design process but often it’s not done in a productive manner. In this article, I explores critique techniques and discusses four important roles of the process. Design studios and critiques are so instrumental in the design processes that we’ve included it as a one day workshop at […]

UIEtips: Building and Managing a Successful User Experience Team

UIEtips 7/11/06: Building and Managing a Successful User Experience Team

UIE’s Christine Perfetti recently interviewed Sarah Bloomer and Susan Wolfe, two premier User Experience experts, to discuss how organizations can make their UX practices a success.

Podcast: Luke Wroblewski on Strategy By Design

BSAL #8 Strategy with Design: Using Design to Articulate and Define Strategic Direction

In our latest talk from our archives we present Luke Wroblewski. He’s a leading thinker, noted author and speaker in the field of visual design and design strategy; and a senior principal designer at Yahoo! He gave his talk “Using Design to Articulate and Define Strategic Direction” to rave reviews at our User Interface 11 Conference that we held in October of 2006.

Podcast: David Malouf on “What is Rich? Why Do Rich?” from UI11

BSAL #7: UI11 Presentation: What is Rich? Why Do Rich? by David Malouf

In this presentation, David Malouf moves beyond the usual story of patterns, code, and tips and tricks, and talk more about aesthetics, experience design, brand, and total environmental context of use. He layers those elements over a discussion around trying to define “richness” in the context of general application design and then try to apply it to a continuum of various types of computer and network based solutions.

Animator vs. Animation

Just before my keynote at the UI11 conference, I showed Alan Becker’s animation called “Animator vs. Animation”. Many people asked me about it, so here’s the link. Alan has a sequel, cleverly called Animator vs. Animation II. You can see other sites I find humorous by following the Humor tag on my Delicious bookmarks.

UI11 Flickr Group

We’ve set up a Flickr group for those attending UI11 (either in the flesh or vicariously). You can find it here:

UI11: Landing Pages that Fail to Deliver on Promise

There’s a saying that “Every kiss is a promise”. Every time you kiss someone, you’re setting some expectation for the future. You’re together…and you’re dating/going out/seeing each other (or whatever they’re calling it nowadays). It’s kind of like a girl wearing a boy’s varsity jacket: everyone knows that those two are an “item”, as my mother would say…

UI11: Linking Usability Goals to Business Goals

In their UI11 presentation Building and Managing a Successful User Experience Team, Sarah Bloomer and Susan Wolfe are tackling a huge challenge in web design: convincing stakeholders of the value of usability. To help do this, Sarah and Susan employ what they call a usability affinity grid

UI11: Creating Information Architectures around Core User Tasks

UI11 Update: Sitting in on Gerry McGovern: Find your core set of tasks, write appropriate copy, but not overly-appropriate copy. What is overly-appropriate copy? Gerry explains…

AJAXified UI11 is Here!

Well, it’s that time of year again: UI11 is Here! Over the next week we’re holding our Big Event: The User Interface Conference. We’ll be blogging the event, giving periodic updates of the goings-on…Here’s a quick update on the AJAX/RIA seminar I’m attending this morning…