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Netflix Contest: 1 Million Dollars for Better Recommendations

Netflix, the easy-to-use mail-in DVD service, is offering a 1 million dollar prize to anyone who can create a better movie recommendation system than their current one. According to the NYTimes, Netflix will offer the prize to anyone who can cull through their gigantic data set and come up with a system that improves the current version by at least 10%…

Last Day to Guarantee Conference Proceedings

We’re a little more than two weeks away from the start of the UI11 Conference and we’re just putting the finishing touches on everything. If you’ve been hearing about the conference but can’t attend, you can do the next best thing and order a full set of conference proceedings on CD.

Designers Responsibility in the Tyranny of Choice

I guess the questions are this: Is limiting the choice of jams or digital cameras removing our freedoms? Doesn’t the person offering the choice earn some of the burden of the problem?

UI11: Still Looking for a Few Good Volunteers

While we’re approaching being sold out, we still need a little help with the setup and logistics of the User Interface 11 conference.

Article: Agile Development Processes: An Interview with Jeff Patton

UIEtips 9/12/06: Agile Development Processes: An Interview with Jeff Patton

Two revolutions, one in the way software is developed and one in the way user experiences are designed, are finally colliding. What does that mean for our development organizations? Jeff Patton helps us find out.

UI11 Pricing Goes Up on Tuesday

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for the User Interface 11 Conference, this is the time to do it. After Tuesday, 9/12, the cost to register will go up by $300. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend 4 days filled with insights from the field’s greatest experts.

David (Heller) Malouf Records MarketingMonger Podcast

Eric Mattson has done another excellent podcast, in his quest to record 1000(!) of them, this time with UI11 speaker David (Heller) Malouf

Luke Wroblewski on Refining Data Tables

In today’s UX Matters, Luke Wroblewski, a UI11 speaker, published a great article on the design of data tables in web applications.

The Conversion Funnel: Is Your Web App Successful?

Mike McDerment, CEO of the web app, has written a great piece on measuring the success of your web app. He details the process of some folks we know pretty well: Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.

Article: The Paradox of Choice: An Interview with Barry Schwartz

UIEtips 8/28/06: The Paradox of Choice: An Interview with Barry Schwartz

As designers, we really need to understand how choice affects our users. We can make designs that give users all the options, or we can create designs that limit choices and guide users to success. What will work best for our users?