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UIETips: Goods, Bads, and Dailies – Lessons for Conducting Great Critiques

  Critique is a critical role in the design process but often it’s not done in a productive manner. In this article, I explores critique techniques and discusses four important roles of the process. Design studios and critiques are so instrumental in the design processes that we’ve included it as a one day workshop at […]

UIEtips: Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing

UIEtips 4/24/07: Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing UIE’s Christine Perfetti discusses the 5 best techniques for convincing management and key stakeholders of the benefits of incorporating usability testing into the formal design process.

Delight by Functionality — An excerpt from UI12

Unbeknown to me, David Armano recorded and posted a small portion of my UI12 Keynote: Magic and Mental Models. In this segment, I’m talking about how functionality of a customer experience creates delight, sharing examples from Proflowers, Orbitz, and Farecast. It was a fun presentation and the audience was very responsive. I’ll be giving this […]

Cameron Moll’s Highly Extensible Interface

Our friend Cameron Moll has an outline and video preview of his upcoming UI12 Full-day tutorial up on his blog. Cameron works for the LDS Church and has assembled a lot of real-world examples of web design in a large organization. Cameron oversees the creation of highly flexible interfaces that can be repurposed as needed […]

Spoolcast: Communicating Concepts with Comics: An Interview with Kevin Cheng

In this interview, Kevin Cheng and Jared Spool discuss the use of comics to express user experience ideas early in the brainstorming stage of a project. Comics show the team how a user will experience the design.

Want to be a User Interface 12 Volunteer?

This year’s User Interface Conference is only two months away. The most forward-thinking minds in usability and design will be presenting on the critical issues facing today’s information architects, designers, and usability professionals. Would you like to help us out? UI12 is being held from November 5 – November 8, 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at […]

UIEtips Article: Five Survival Techniques for Creating Usable Products

UIEtips 8/21/07: Five Survival Techniques for Creating Usable Products At User Interface Engineering, we’ve spent two decades researching the usability and design techniques employed by both successful and unsuccessful development teams. We’ve focused our research agenda on identifying the key techniques successful teams utilize to consistently produce usable products on time and within budget. Because […]

UIEtips Article: Web 2.0 — The Power Behind the Hype

UIEtips 8/07/07: Web 2.0 — The Power Behind the Hype Over the past few years, the world of web application development has seen the emergence of a new set of approaches such as APIs, RSS, and Folksonomies that have come to be known collectively as Web 2.0. These new approaches allow developers to easily create […]

UIEtips Article: Debunking the Myths of Innovation: An Interview with Scott Berkun

In this week’s article, UIE’s Christine Perfetti sat down with Scott to talk about his new book and his research in the area of innovation.

Customer Carewords: Words Drive Action on Your Site

Jonathan Murphy details the exciting aspects of carewords from Gerry McGovern’s latest book “Killer Web Content.”